We use this for Clear Communication.
Welcome to the Deaf World!
We need you to read this FAQs page.
Follow the links.

Read & Follow All Instructions
It will HELP us, help YOU!
This will get both of us READY
for your Paint Session.
Then we can have more fun & play!

*AGE LIMIT : 6 years old & up

Q. Why is there no phone number?
A. The owner, Amanda, is Deaf. We use email to communicate with everyone.
Email: paintapotlbi@yahoo.com To set up a reservation for a Studio Table follow the link after reading the FAQs. We need that form filled out completely & correctly. Thanks!

Q. How will we communicate with the Deaf owner?
A. Ha Ha!!! Welcome to a different way of communicating. The owner, Amanda, is Deaf. She cannot hear her own voice volume. She also has constant ringing in her ears, which can make her feel like she is in a loud environment. She lost her hearing at age 25. Sometimes she is just LOUD, not yelling at you. So SMILE… Remember it takes 2 people to communicate efficiently. Have patience & an open mind. Amanda is really nice & LOVES to help her lovely painters. She teaches all the time, so she uses her voice a lot. In general, her voice volume is fine, but it can be hard to find the right volume at times. She tries her best. The mask makes her project her voice even more. Don’t take it personally. Read about her story click on this link: https://paintapotlbinj.com/2019/04/23/pressure-of-perfection/

Q. Why so many shop signs & emails?
A. Welcome to the Deaf World. We read everything where ever we go. We need for communication to be clear. We need you to respond to our emails.  Please read & follow our instructions, so we are able to assist you with efficiency. When you arrive, we do ask you to wait to be greeted. And everchanging guidelines for the COVID19 situation.

Q. Are Masks Required? (* UPDATED 4/23/2022)
A. No, if you are vaccinated painters, But…. we are stating to have masks with you “just in case”. We cannot control the world. Things can change without notice.  If you or anyone in your group feels unwell, stay home. Please keep 6 feet social distance from others. Stay at your table in Studio.

Q. What’s with the clear thingys hanging from the ceiling?
A. AH-CHOO GUARDS!!! Sneeze guards in between tables & counters. Do Not touch them! Make sure your kids & parents & grandparents follow our instructions from start to finish. They are to help keep everyone safer. We have done as much as we can for safety. We need for you to do your part too! Wash your hands.

Q. Do you have a restroom?
A. NO. We do not have a public restroom. Make sure everyone in your group is aware, before you arrive to paint.

Q. May I bring drinks & food into the shop?
A. NO, you may not bring any food or drinks into the shop. We are a paint studio & art gallery. Our studio is for painting sessions only. No food or drinks allowed in studio or shop areas. Make sure your kids are fed before your painting studio session. After your painting session, there are local area pizza places, restaurants, & bars open year round for you to go for goodies.
(*This is a Family Place. Do not arrive intoxicated. You will be asked to leave & lose deposit. Zero Tolerance.)

Q. How many different groups do you allow during paint sessions?
A. Currently, only couple appointments per session. Each painting session has a time limit.

Q. Do you have room for baby strollers inside the shop?
A. NO. Sorry, we do not. We have limited spacing. We have an age limit set.

Q. Do you have an Age Limit?

A. YES. Ages 6 years old & up are permitted to attend. Please make your group aware this is a studio & gallery. Children who are Ages 6 – 8 years old are better at the 11am seating. Do not “fib” about ages on your request form. This is for older children. *You do not want to lose your deposit. (*no running around, leave pottery & artwork on the shelves, & follow our instructions. This is an art studio & gallery, not a playground.)

Q. When is Pick Up Day for tomorrow, next week, next month…?
A. Due to the world’s & weather’s increase unpredictability, we will not be scheduling pick up days. We are doing what we do during the Off-Season. If you are visiting LBI for a short vacation (example: weekender or 1 week or 2), then you will have to set up to ship. It is not included. We do not be have scheduled pick up days at this time. We will go with the flow of pottery that is painted in the shop. We cannot predict what SIZE or how MANY pots will be picked to paint before your arrival to shop. Some people will pick little gnomes and others will pick large platters or bowls to paint. Our kilns are a nice size, but they have their limit too. On the other hand, we want a full kiln to conserve energy & to get a better quality firing for the pottery. This process cannot & will not be rushed. It is all done by a professional ceramic artist. (Amanda) She takes care & inspects every piece that is painted in her shop.

***We Do Understand Some Live on LBI all summer. But we still NEED your PERMANENT WINTER ADDRESS on your REQUEST FORM. We Have 24 years of experience of ALL kind of Emergencies, which DO appear…. from HURRICANCES to APOCALYSPE. FILL OUT YOUR FORM AS ASKED. FOLLOW OUR SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS. THANKS!

If you live Year Round Locally (approximately 30-40 minutes) away from shop, you can be set up for Pick Up & will be notified for pick up via email or text. Confirm our messages. We will give you a set date & time to pick up. You must pick up your pottery on your assigned pick up date & time. We will not hold pottery beyond your assigned pick up day. *We will not disturb paint sessions of other painters*

***Remember we are a small business run by humans, not robots.***
The adult person filling out the request form is responsible to be present for picking up the group’s pottery.
*Until further notice, ONLY 1 or 2 of the Actual Painters may pick up the pottery.


We wish we could have more flexiblity for pick ups, but we don’t at this time.
We need for everone to just respect our policies. Thank you.

Q. How do we set up a reservation for a studio table?
A. It is quite simple. We have a seating time schedule. The current seating times are posted on the Studio Table Pricing Page. Get your group list together. *First & Last names & Ages. Figure out which day & seating time you would like. Remember we may have to tweak the date or time. *Make sure you use your Permanent Winter Address. There are too many emergency reasons to list, even if you are here for the whole summer. Trust us. We have been doing this for over 23 years. If you want the discount online price, then send in your request at least 3 days in advance. Fill out your request form completely & correctly (or we cannot set up your reservation without it.) Submit it. Then watch for our emails. Respond to our emails. Otherwise we cannot set up your reservation. Pay your deposit invoice immediately. Do not wait. We recommend to use a personal email address, if you have set your work email to “vacation response”. *Your Studio Tables are not reserved until your Deposit is received.

Q. Sent in a request…What if I do not see a response in my email inbox?
Respond to our emails or we cannot set up your reservations.

Q. How do we let you know we have arrived for our Studio Table Reservation?
A. Your ENTIRE GROUP is to Arrive 5 minutes before your Seating Time with a piece of paper with your Reservation Name CLEARLY PRINTED on it so we can read it. When we come to the door to let you in, we will be looking for it. Put your First & Last Name on it. ( An example photo is below.)

Q. When are you open? Hours?
A. OPEN YEAR ROUND by appointment.
We have a seating time schedule.
The current seating times are posted on the Studio Table Pricing Page.
Set up a Studio Table Reservation in advance.
*DO NOT WAIT FOR A RAINY DAY. We have limited seating.
*Your Studio Tables are not reserved until your Deposit is received.
We post Info / on our FACEBOOK PAGE. Make an Appointment.
“Paint a Pot LBI, NJ” (*FYI other social medias can be wrong.)
We do other art events outside the shop. ***Our hours can change without notice*** 

Q. How long does it take to paint?
A. Each seating has a time limit. Reservations must be set up with nonrefundable deposit in advance for approximately 1.5 – 2 hours long. We want everyone to arrive 5 minutes BEFORE for your reservation. This is time for you to choose your piece of pottery to paint.

Q. May I leave or step outside studio during my paint session or have a relative or friend pop by to say hi?
A. NO. It is disruptive to the flow of our studio. It is like interrupting therapy or a class. No stepping outside for a phone call, food/drink, or smoke (ew!) No smoking on our property always! Tell your family or friends you will see them after your painting session is finished. (WE HAVE LIMITED SEATING)  

Q. May I bring extra people to my Studio Table Reservation?
A. No. Once your reservation is booked, we cannot increase the number of people in your group. (WE HAVE LIMITED SEATING)  

Q. What if I cannot pick up my pots? or unsure, if I can?
A. You must set up shipping, which is extra. Your ENTIRE order must be on one credit card at the point of sale. *DISCOVER, Visa or MasterCard only. Shipping is NOT expensive. We ship all the time…. all across the country. (*International shipping has been put on hold until further notice.) It is VERY IMPORTANT to give us your PERMANENT ADDRESS in your request form. If you do not give us the correct address, then there will be an added “Change of Service” fee of $10.00 to process the correction to your order. Make sure you give us all your CORRECT address, as asked. Work WITH US.

***Until further notice, ONLY 1 or 2 of the actual painters may pick up the pottery. NO FRIENDS OR FAMILY MAY PICK UP AT THIS TIME.

Q. Do you accept Walk-ins paint sessions?
A. Rare. They are possible, sort of. (*The trick is to just read & follow all our instructions.) *Make sure you fill out your request form completely & correctly. Then you need to watch for & respond to our emails. We do not have much time for last minute requests, but we will try to help you. If you see a response, read & follow the email instructions. We have set seating times schedule. It is cheaper for you, if your reservation for studio table is set up at least 3 days in advance with a non-refundable deposit. (WE HAVE LIMITED SEATING)  USE THE REQUEST FORM & RESPOND TO OUR EMAILS, SO WE CAN PROPERLY SET YOUR RESERVATION UP. We cannot interrupt paint sessions. Let us do our jobs, so we can help you too. (If we walk by you, we are NOT ignoring you or being rude. Welcome to deaf world! We are cleaning & getting a table for you. Just relax. We are worth the wait.) We have different set seating times.

Q. What happens if I do not receive a response, after filling a request form?
A. Check your SPAM/JUNK Inbox. We cannot control your email filters. Also… we might just be pouring paint or glazing or cleaning or just doing another part of our job. Just keep an eye on your email & respond to our emails. If you filled your request form correctly, then it will be very easy to set up your deposit invoice for you to pay. Once paid, then we send you Arrival Instructions.

Q. What if I send in a studio table request form too late, like the day before, is it possible to get a table?
A. No promises. BUT…it is possible. (*The trick is to just read & follow all our instructions.) *Make sure you fill out your request form completely & correctly. Then you need to watch for & respond to our emails. CHECK YOUR SPAM INBOX TOO! We do not have too much set up time for last minute requests, but we will try to help you. If you see a response, read & follow the email instructions. If we see we have studio table space & if you filled out your request form with all your correct information, it cannot hurt to try. But… You need to respond to our emails quickly. We would let you know if we have an available table & with Different Arrival Instructions. You would not receive the online discount, you would pay the regular price. We cannot glaze & prep pottery to fire, load the kiln, clean studio, stock our shelves, & check our emails all at once. We cannot control the internet lagging either. We prefer more notice. Thank you.

Q. How busy are you on rainy days? (You can paint on sunny days too!)
A. PLAN AHEAD. MAKE A RESERVATION A FEW DAYS IN ADVANCE. We have a seating time schedule. The current seating times are posted on the Studio Table Pricing Page. FILL OUT A REQUEST FORM. We cannot set up your reservation without it. *Your Studio Tables are not reserved until your Deposit is received. Make sure you respond promptly to our emails. (WE HAVE LIMITED SEATING)   Everyone in your group must pick a pot to paint. We do not accept “non-painters”. We do not hold tables. Read & follow instructions on our signs. Please do not block our door. Make a reservation.

Q. I saw tables empty, but you were not excepting Walk-ins. Why?
A. PLAN AHEAD. We have a seating time schedule. The current seating times are posted on the Studio Table Pricing Page. Paint sessions must be set up in advance with a $50.00 non-refundable deposit per table. (WE HAVE LIMITED SEATING)   We do also have painters with different abilities or needs, so we do our best to help them.  We, as always, like a mellow atmosphere.  We ask your patience, read our written signs & listen to our directions.  

Q. We have one person in our group who is not going to paint. Can they hang out, while we paint?
A. NO. Everyone in your group is considered a painter. NO EXCEPTIONS. We teach & entertain everyone in the shop. If you may have up to 4 people per table (child or adult). You can paint together or separately. Our families & friends play together here! Put your cell phone away & make memories! PLAY! Anyone age 6 & up, level, or ability can play here!

Q. Do you have wifi?
A. We want an old-school atmosphere in our studio. We ask everyone to turn their phones, tablets, watches, & tech devices to SILENT or OFF, while in paint studio. Please put them away. They are disruptive. We want you to forget about the world a little bit. Spend time with your family & friends. Or have some “me time”. So no wifi. Leave Pinterst for other things at home. We like originality here! Remember how to play! Be the Unicorn!

If you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing,
We can understand ASL & a SPEECH to TEXT app to listen via masks.
Android users download LIVE TRANSCRIBE.
Otherwise turn your phones on SILENT or OFF.

Q. When is the last paint seating for the day?
A.  We have scheduled seating times. The current seating times are posted on the Studio Table Pricing Page. It depends on the days & time of the year & how things are going in the world.  Each day is different.  We are winging it, during this crazy time. All paint sessions must be set up in advance with a non-refundable deposit. (WE HAVE LIMITED SEATING) 

Q. May I take photos or videos in the shop?
A. All phones & tech devices are to be put on SILENT or OFF, during your visit. No photos of Amanda’s artwork. Support her artwork & shop by purchasing it. We do take photos of you, while you are painting. If we are able, we email copies to you. We do use them for promotional ads too.

Q. What if I don’t finish painting my pot by closing time?
A. This is not an option at this time. You must be finished by the end of your painting session.

Q. May I just drop off my kids to paint?
A. NO. A parent/grandparent/adult must be seated at each table. All paint sessions must be set up in advance with a $50.00 non-refundable deposit.

Q. May I just stop by to paint by myself?
A. All paint sessions must be set up in advance with a non-refundable deposit. (WE HAVE LIMITED SEATING)  We do plan to have solo painter spot. Set up a reservation for yourself.

Q. What if I have no artistic talent or never have painted a pot before?
A. NO WORRIES!!!! We teach everyone basic pottery painting with a fun little demo. If you need more help or ideas, then we will do our best to help you. Amanda loves to give help & ideas, but she always encourages to do your own thing. Don’t worry. Play! We Love to finger paint at EVERY AGE OR ABILITY!!!!

*Your Studio Tables are not reserved until your Deposit is received.

Our Lateness & Cancellation Policy
Late arrivals & Cancellations have been disruptive to our paint studio. Unfortunately, your deposit is non-refundable for any late arrival, cancellation or no-show. Your entire group must arrive a few minutes before your reservation start time. We do not have the luxury for late arrivals, no-shows or cancellations. You can blame it on the “bad kids” of past years. Sorry, but we have to firmly put our flip flop down on this policy.

*AGE LIMIT : 6 years old & up


Don’t forget to print your name on paper for communication at the door

*As Always, our paint sessions cannot accept “non-painters”.
Everyone in your group is considered painters young or young at heart.

Firing Process of Ceramics can never be Guaranteed. Our success rated is 99%. Ceramics is never perfect. Imperfections are unique.

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