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Twenty Years

On May 15th, 1999, I opened my shop for the first time.
I put out my flags & took a big breath. I said to myself.
Twenty years, I will get this right.

Twenty years, watching you play in my shop. Twenty years, covered in paint from silly, squishy finger painting sessions. Twenty years of happy painted high fives! I have seen couples on a date, then a few years later they paint an engagement plate, then a wedding piece, then they bring in their 1st child, then their 2nd, 3rd, & 4th. Twenty years of painting little piggie toes. Twenty years, the teens who hung out are now bringing in their kids. Twenty years, the parents are now bringing in their grandchildren. Twenty years, let’s not forget about the pet paws too!

Twenty years, nor’easters & hurricanes threatened. One of them got us good. Boooo….BUT! Since then, the repairs began & repairs still continue & still pushing on.

Twenty years has always been my goal. My goal is here. My shop & I might never be perfect, but nothing ever will. My shop might not be right for everyone, but all I do know it has every part of my HEART in it. Endless hours of working, glazing, & firing all your many beautiful pots. Seeing the excitement of your faces when you come pick them up is worth every endless workday. The cute emails sent from you, after your pots arrived in the mail, make me smile oh so much! I cannot count how many cute little hugs & waves I’ve received from you & your families over the last twenty years.

Ever notice the large painting in the front window?  It is titled “Silent Voice”. I had it printed on to the canvas bags last year. Thank you for all of you, who purchased one. I would like to share the meaning of it. Most people, I’m sure, think its meaning is about being Deaf & sign language, but it is not.

DSCN3634 (3)
“Silent Voice” Acrylics on Canvas By Amanda Klinger

Silent Voice is inside of you. Life throws many obstacles at you, which can feel endless. People & situations will push you down. They will knock you off course. You will fail many times. No one can succeed without failing a million times. Everyone has a Silent Voice inside of them. That Silent Voice is the one that yells at you to get back up! That Silent Voice is there, when you want to quit. That Silent Voice is the one that yells at you No! You will not quit! You can do it! Keep trying! That Silent Voice is the one you must listen to the most! The Silent Voice is in everyone. Just listen. Let that Silent Voice be Loud!

When you come by this year, you will see new things around the shop. Mid-June, you will see my new fine art ceramic pieces & canvas paintings inside the shop. You will notice my small motivational poems in note cards with my photography. You will see my silly humor & art on new wine stoppers & a new series of ornaments.

Twenty years go by so fast. Stop looking at your phones, come paint & be with your people. Look around you. Positive voices are everywhere. Look up & Listen! 

Twenty years!!!
Happy 20th Birthday, Paint a Pot!!!

Thank you for ALL your continued support!
I could not do this without you!

Let Season 21 begin!!!!

Stop sitting on my pottery wheel …while it’s 
Oy…..Mazookee….I just cleaned….
Gotta go!!! 😉
See you soon!!!