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Hello my lovely painters,

It’s been a while. Hope you are all hanging in there as best as you can. The Gallery Room has been open for artwork sales. Thank you to those who have purchased my artwork this past year. The studio room has been closed.
Like most of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community, I have experienced major obstacle of communication & increase of ignorance during this pandemic. I have had to relearn how to be Deaf. It has not been easy or fun. It has been quite frustrating, disheartening & isolating. Many people with other disabilities have been experiencing the same feelings & more. But the gift of having a disability, is finding the way to adapt. I hope you will adapt with me.

Here’s the Paint Studio Scoop…
I have been restructuring how the paint studio will be run & its policies. The basics of my silliness & creativity have not changed. Yes, my punny jokes are probably worse. Some will be fine with the changes, maybe possibly, like it more. ( Some might not.) I am trying my best to please everyone, but I’m still learning it’s impossible to make everyone happy.
We need to change to evolve.
Keep social distance from others, you must properly be wearing a clothe mask over your nose & mouth the entire time you are in the gallery & studio. Have patience & understanding for communication.

When I opened my shop in 1999, I told myself to start simple. Then I began to go Deaf that year. And so, here I am, in 2021, starting over again. Simply. Relearning how to work with my deafness.

Here we go… Season 22 is on its way…Stay tuned…

For Paint Studio Updates…Getting ready for you…
Wishing you & yours health & happiness
Here’s to Hoping…

(aka “The Paint a Pot” lady)

P.S. My voice volume is LOUDER. Not Rude… Just Loud!!!😁GOOD LUCK!😁

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My Beautiful Mess Collection

“Cheap Therapy”… I have always encourage my customers to finger painting their pots for cheap therapy, especially the adults. Finger painting has kept my sanity over these past 21 years. (…at least most of it) Those customers who went for it & finger painted, as I recommended, were the those who truely experienced the painting zen feeling. Some were quite tense upon entry & left smiling & giggling like kids. Then their reaction seeing their pottery after the firing & all the colors dancing around their pot. Some have created a collection over the years. I, personally, have a collection of my own I use at home. Since January 2020, my world just got very messy, frustrating & stressed, then March the COVID19 shutdown began. We are all living in a world that is throwing us curve ball after curve ball. (Is 2020 over yet?) Canceling everything that we count on to help us relax & have fun. My shop included.
Having my painting studio room empty day after day is safe, but no fun. No silliness of painters. No cleaning up little handprints everywhere throughout the shop. No painted sloppy high fives! No making you giggle when I “accidentally” paint my nose. So… I started to fingerpaint a bunch of mugs. My mom has always liked my “beautiful messy mugs” that I finger paint. She said I should make them to sell. I am listening to my mom. If you are missing my shop & want a 2020 mug finger painted by me check these out!!! No two are exactly the same. Each will remind you to play! To get messy! To breathe in the morning with your coffee or tea. Or add a little rum in the evening for the island pause. If you need a new bowl for your ice cream or a plate for your pie I have those too. Need chip & dip for your movie nights?

I paint the pot for you! Ask about My Beautiful Mess Collection. A Messy Life can be Beautiful! I have been painting my heart out!

Stop by my shop Art Gallery Room. Or send an Email to me : to order some. No two are alike! Choose by the color style name. Choose the style mug or wine glass or bowl or plate… 🎨🏺😊

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A tower of finger painting therapy 🎨🏺😊

My lovely painters….

Ok… I have had one heck of a winter, spring & now!!! Trying to get repairs done & keep my sanity, then the apocalypse began….oooyyyy….

I am writing this longggggg… update with my genuine thoughts & concerns, while I am waiting on some things to be delivered to shop.  This pandemic situation is not easy for any of us. Being called “non-essential” has taken its toll on my heart.  The Arts give you mental health.  Mental health is essential.  Keeping your humor is essential too!  And we all know how bad my silly jokes are.  😉 As the owner of a small business, a major perk, I am able to speak with all my customers directly.  Please listen…

Over the last 21 years,  some of my instructions were created for my deafness, some for your & my safety, some are to keep everyone organized & of course to help your painted pottery to turn out beautiful!  On the down side,  I have been criticized for my instructions given for just about anything & everything, including painting instructions.  Over the most recent years, people everywhere, not just my place, have turned simple instructions or guidelines into “annoying rules”.  Like many other small business owners, I work very hard to accommodate everyone the best I can. I try to remind you to forget about the world & play.  Now, like every other business, I will give new instructions for everyone’s health safety. 

    (*If you have a complaint, I’m sorry, but the complaint department is closed.  “Karen” or “Karl”,  I have no time or need for negativity in my world. I am turning my “deaf ears” towards you.  If you do not like my shop (or me), please just peacefully move along.) 

   My shop & I are not perfect, but….

I like my shop & I like who I am.  I love all the many lovely painters & artlovers who visit my shop over these past 21 years.  I know I cannot please everyone, eventhough, I do try.  I will be doing my best to create the best art therapy vibe I can this year.  As many of my lovely painters know, it is the Paint a Pot Silly Zen feeling that brings you back to my shop.  We all need to remember to keep our humor & patience.  We all need to let our inner child out!!! More than ever!!! 

So to continue the Art Therapy Silly Zen Vibes…

Opening Soon… (TBA)

with Physical Distancing & Masks…

For the safety of staff & customers, Masks are Mandatory in our shop at all times until further  notice.

(We apologize to those who are unable to wear masks at this time.)

Yes, this is a Deaf owned business.  Years ago, people questioned my ablility to run a business while being Deaf.  And now,  here we are 21 years years later.  How will you run a business with everyone wearing masks?  My answer… I WILL TRY MY BEST!
How will you read our lips?  I have a speech to text device that will help us communicate, which some of you have seen me use this last year.  It is not perfect & do not expect it to be.  (And, yes, I have been criticized about my listening app too.)  DO NOT pull your mask down or you will be asked to pay up & leave.  Have patience with communication. As always, you will be told to point to things & “wiggle”.  I will teach a few new signs to help you.  Welcome to the Deaf world once again.  People who have disabilities have the “gift of adapting”.  Nothing is perfect.  Watch & learn the how to communicate with me. Remember it takes TWO people to communicate.

For the artlovers, who would like to purchase my artwork.  Please wait outside. We will let you in once painters are set up in other room.  After 4pm is also a nice time to check out the gallery room. 

For my lovely painters…
We will be limiting the number of people in shop.  You are asked to wait outside, please do so without question. Seating times will be approximately 11am ,1pm, 3pm…  This will be adjusted as we go along.  For now, there will be NO scheduled pick up days.  We will have to go with the flow of painters like we do in the wintertime.  If you are only here for a week or 2, you will most likely need to set up to ship.  That is extra &  it is not expensive.  I hope this will only be temporary.  Those who live here year round or for the entire summer must pick up their pottery once notified that their pottery is ready.  *Friends or family may NOT pick up for you. Only 1 of the actual painters may pick up to be more efficient.  (*Within 5 days from being notified. More information will be given during your visit.)

Painting sessions…
For now, it will be first come, first serve.
For large families, think about splitting up into age groups.  Everyone in your group must paint. (*As always) Your group will not be seated unless everyone is present. Tables seat 4 painters only, so make sure you tell me how many in your group before entry. No non-painters may enter paint studio room. If you have a group of 6 or 8 you might be split up for physical distancing or told to wait for next seating time.  Only a couple tables will be seated per painting session.  There might be days, I will add more seating times after 3pm.  We will see how this goes for now.  Parents you may not drop your children off.  You must be present for all setups & painting sessions, including teens.  There are exceptions.  We will decide,  if your older kids are allowed to stay without you. We go with the flow.

You must follow all instructions whether verbal or written or ASL.

As always, I clean inbetween each paint seesion.  This year, you will be asked to do a few new things to make it go faster.

The painting studio tables have be placed with physical distance.  There are clear “Ah-Choo” guards inbetween the tables & at the counters. Do not touch them.  Instruct your children not to touch them either. There are less seats available at a time.  (*Following the limited capacity guidelines.) You are to remain seated during your painting session. Follow my simple instructions.

   Due the decrease of capacity, there will be a time limit of 1 hour & 30 minutes per paint session.

*Do not disrupt paint sessions or demos.
* Do not step outside for a phone call, drink/food, or smoke (ew!) Non-smoking area always!
*Do not tell your friend or family to pop by to say hi during your painting session.  Sorry, but tell your family or friends you will see them after your painting session is finished.  (*LIMITED Entry Capacity) 
*Make sure you understand & explain to your children of all ages, they must make their decisions quickly during set up time. I do not like to put pressure on you, but you know we will make the most of it. We have never been about perfection.  This is about making silly memories. 

Did I mention I am taking all the painting “tools” AWAY temporarily??? WHAT!!???!!!

Yes! We will start this season with finger painting!!!  Be prepare to get silly & have some fun! And wash your hands!!! 
Paint with an open mind & an open heart!!!
💜💚💜💚 Cheap Therapy💚💜💚💜

Many of you “kid at heart” painters have tried it in the past & couldn’t believe how fun & pretty your pots turned out!

Cannot wait to see you!!!

Stay tuned for more updates…
Things will change as we adapt to our situation….

My voice volume will be LOUDER.  I am struggling to find the correct volume while wearing a mask for you.  I am winging it. Not being rude. Just LOUDER, as always.  

Please give me patience.
Hope to open soon…

love & giggles…❤😊

Amanda 💜💚🏺🎨🏺💚💜
(Aka…The Paint a Pot Lady)

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Pressure of Perfection

20160523_182906-1Twenty Years ago, I was one month away from opening my business. I was 25 years old just a couple years out of college. I was ready to begin a frightening, yet exciting path. I kept in mind my father’s words, “no matter what happens (win or lose) you are going to learn a lot.” This path had barely begun & another path was revealed. The same month, I had my first hearing test. I was having troubles hearing in my left ear & had ringing sounds. As I stayed focused on building my business, my hearing was going fast on my left side. The ringing kept increasing. The right ear soon followed. By my second season, I was completely deaf. I ran around with little notebooks. I watch myself saying the alphabet in the mirror over & over & over to learn how to read lips. I watched reruns on TV or old movies to learn how to quickly read the captioning. Refreshed my ASL alphabet, which I knew since I was 5 years old. I took a ASL night class. Studied ASL mostly through books & the computer. Bought a lip reading program for my laptop. I was being tested for many reasons to cause deafness. I was given medications to try to stop it. The doctors came up with zero answers. No, they did not think the cochlear implant would work for me. (But that is a blog for another time.) Blah blah blah… That’s the short version. The rest of this blog this evening, I wrote a few years ago. How do you reach perfection, when you feel everyone sees you as “broken”.

Society labels my Deafness as a “disability”. Having a “disability”, you always have to prove yourself to others. Society always seems to highlight what you CAN’T do. Society does not give us equal employment opportunities. I feel at times I have to work 10 times faster & better to prove I am no different than anyone else. I work so hard.

Years ago, I was told by another art studio “How are you going to be able to teach, if you are Deaf?” I had explained that I already taught at my shop. They did not want to take the chance on me. When people think I can’t do something, it shocks me every time & makes me work harder for society’s perfection. It bothers me to see people just being lazy at their jobs, because they take it for granted. Having a job is a privilege.

At age 25, I opened my business and began to go Deaf. Too many had said to me, “How are you going to run a business, if you are Deaf?” These people have known me for a long time. My thoughts every time I was asked that question: Do you even realize what you are saying? Do you think I can’t do this? My inner voice would scream inside me… I WILL LEARN HOW!!! No, it was not easy. It’s been 17 years, since I opened my shop. (* 20 years ago) It still isn’t easy, but I give it my all everyday. People have said I am tough. I have to be mentally “tough” to stay motivated to prove that society is wrong.

I read lips most of the time. I’m not around anyone, who is fluent in sign. My ASL is not my first language. It is my fourth language I have studied in my life. Languages have never been easy for me. My ASL level is ok & I do try to keep learning new signs every week. Spoken English is my first language. Lipreading is not perfect for anyone. It is impossible to get the exact reading of words, but you can understand through context of conversation. Each person speaks differently. My mind is watching for two different languages all the time. Simple hand gestures can look like a sign that have nothing to do with the conversation. It can be quite confusing.
People think my world is silent, but it is not. I have constant ringing in both my ears 24/7. The ringing sound is similar to the ringing you might hear after a loud concert, but the volume of the ringing in my ears is about 10 times louder. Some days it feels 20 times louder. Never ending ringing can be distracting for reading lips & mind numbing. It makes my subconscious think I am in a loud environment, which increases my voice volume. I speak all day at work trying my best. There are times my vocal chords are sore by the end of a busy day.

Many people assume ASL is my first language. Once in a while, I meet someone who is fluent. I have to take a little moment to get my mind in ASL mode. I do usually ask for a medium speed. While I sign, I do find it easier to drop my voice. I’m in between worlds. Not born Deaf, not hearing. Both worlds are equally intimidating. I do find peace in ASL. For me, the best is the use of both languages. I have been to an ADA events where an ASL terp & Captioning were both present. I could use both as my brain would tire of one, I could look at the other. I still do not understand why captioning is not present for all public venues & meetings without request. How do they inconvenience you? I do pay the same taxes. Give me the resources to be a part of the community events, town meetings, public groups & councils.

I am perfectly able to meet you more than half way. When I have asked some people to write because they mumbled or whatever, some have said no. They have pushed the paper back at me. It makes me feel incompetent & unimportant, which I know I am NOT. It does not make me want to do business with you. A Film festival has asked to hang poster in my shop. Every year I ask, “Are the films captioned?” I’ve asked for years now. Same response….”I will get back to you”. Have they? No. One documentary director wanted to film in my shop. I asked, “Will every screening have captioning?” They said no, it was not possible. I responded, “I cannot be apart of something that excludes the Deaf & Hard of Hearing.” I remember they said, “It would give you an opportunity to tell your story.” My thoughts….You are part of the problem in “my story”. Our world is full of technology & it is wasted for trendy things (…like Pokemon Go.) People have turned off my alert lights in my shop, because they were bothered by them. That is equivalent to taking someone’s wheelchair away. I’m sorry if they annoy you, but I wonder what if the Deaf person was you?

Deafness is invisible. I explain it until I am blue in the face. It is exhausting. I get comments on my voice a lot. It’s “weird, screechy, too loud, yelling, rude, or too soft”. I am Deaf, which means I cannot hear my voice either. I don’t care what you think of it. Those comments are hurtful. I try my best, but it is not good enough for some people. It does wear me down. I can’t drop my voice, because you don’t know how to read lips or sign. The other comment about my voice, “Oh you speak so well”, is belittling. I am not a child. Deaf “accents” are no different than a foreign accent. Accents do not make a person uneducated. My sarcastic side just wants to respond, “Wow! You speak pretty well for a moron!” But I don’t…. haha (…sorry…) haha

People try to speak for me. I am right here. I can speak for myself. If I am in the room, then you should include me in the conversation, especially if it is about me. I will have people having conversations right in front of me without including me. My thoughts well I’m gonna go, no point in standing here. The best way to describe this situation, let the “adults” speak while you quietly sit there. I do not know one hearing adult who would be able to accept this feeling.

I am not broken. I just listen differently.
People do speak to me, as if, I was uneducated. Some will not let me help them in my own shop. They would rather have a new hearing employee, who has just started learning their new job, help them. There are times I’m excluded in my shop. I have to step back, because they do not want to deal or have patience with my Deafness or my voice. No matter how hard I try. It’s just not good enough for some.

People think saying “never mind” or ” it wasn’t important” makes it easier. No, it doesn’t. It is important to me. I want to listen to your silly comments. I want to listen to your ups & downs. I want to be there for you.

I am perfectly able to try. I am perfectly able to adapt to my Deafness. I am perfectly able to fall and try again. I am perfectly able to show you I can. We, “disabled”, as you tag us, are able to accomplish tasks without the same physical or mental ability you may have to do the same tasks. Why are we not perfect to you? When I see you unable to do or try the same tasks, which I have accomplished, part of me thinks why don’t you try harder? Why are you so afraid to fall? Who cares if you fall? GO FOR IT!!!

Artists teach you how to “think outside of the box”. Everyone should learn more adaptive skills. Acceptance of differences is what is missing in our world of chaos. No one is “perfect”. We all have “flaws”. It’s important on how you adapt with them. You have to listen to learn what you need or should do.

My Deafness is not a big deal. At least not to me. It is part of who I am. Have you thought that it is you, who are unable to adapt to my Deafness? Does it tire you? Are you worried I will misunderstand you? Yes, I will at times. Do you find it exhausting to communicate with me? Do you get frustrated to repeat or write what you said? How can you adapt to “your” issues of my Deafness? It is an inconvenience for you. Isn’t it? It slows you down. Patience is my “handicap ramp.” I see you roll your eyes. It does make me feel like less of a person.

Pressure of perfection is exhausting to anyone. We, who are “differently able”, keep pushing our limits to show you what we CAN DO! Have you ever thought “differently abled” people were created to teach you patience & acceptance? Everyone in this world is different for a reason. You just have to open your heart to listen to one another.