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A tower of finger painting therapy 🎨🏺😊

My lovely painters….

Ok… I have had one heck of a winter, spring & now!!! Trying to get repairs done & keep my sanity, then the apocalypse began….oooyyyy….

I am writing this longggggg… update with my genuine thoughts & concerns, while I am waiting on some things to be delivered to shop.  This pandemic situation is not easy for any of us. Being called “non-essential” has taken its toll on my heart.  The Arts give you mental health.  Mental health is essential.  Keeping your humor is essential too!  And we all know how bad my silly jokes are.  πŸ˜‰ As the owner of a small business, a major perk, I am able to speak with all my customers directly.  Please listen…

Over the last 21 years,  some of my instructions were created for my deafness, some for your & my safety, some are to keep everyone organized & of course to help your painted pottery to turn out beautiful!  On the down side,  I have been criticized for my instructions given for just about anything & everything, including painting instructions.  Over the most recent years, people everywhere, not just my place, have turned simple instructions or guidelines into “annoying rules”.  Like many other small business owners, I work very hard to accommodate everyone the best I can. I try to remind you to forget about the world & play.  Now, like every other business, I will give new instructions for everyone’s health safety. 

    (*If you have a complaint, I’m sorry, but the complaint department is closed.  “Karen” or “Karl”,  I have no time or need for negativity in my world. I am turning my “deaf ears” towards you.  If you do not like my shop (or me), please just peacefully move along.) 

   My shop & I are not perfect, but….

I like my shop & I like who I am.  I love all the many lovely painters & artlovers who visit my shop over these past 21 years.  I know I cannot please everyone, eventhough, I do try.  I will be doing my best to create the best art therapy vibe I can this year.  As many of my lovely painters know, it is the Paint a Pot Silly Zen feeling that brings you back to my shop.  We all need to remember to keep our humor & patience.  We all need to let our inner child out!!! More than ever!!! 

So to continue the Art Therapy Silly Zen Vibes…

Opening Soon… (TBA)

with Physical Distancing & Masks…

For the safety of staff & customers, Masks are Mandatory in our shop at all times until further  notice.

(We apologize to those who are unable to wear masks at this time.)

Yes, this is a Deaf owned business.  Years ago, people questioned my ablility to run a business while being Deaf.  And now,  here we are 21 years years later.  How will you run a business with everyone wearing masks?  My answer… I WILL TRY MY BEST!
How will you read our lips?  I have a speech to text device that will help us communicate, which some of you have seen me use this last year.  It is not perfect & do not expect it to be.  (And, yes, I have been criticized about my listening app too.)  DO NOT pull your mask down or you will be asked to pay up & leave.  Have patience with communication. As always, you will be told to point to things & “wiggle”.  I will teach a few new signs to help you.  Welcome to the Deaf world once again.  People who have disabilities have the “gift of adapting”.  Nothing is perfect.  Watch & learn the how to communicate with me. Remember it takes TWO people to communicate.

For the artlovers, who would like to purchase my artwork.  Please wait outside. We will let you in once painters are set up in other room.  After 4pm is also a nice time to check out the gallery room. 

For my lovely painters…
We will be limiting the number of people in shop.  You are asked to wait outside, please do so without question. Seating times will be approximately 11am ,1pm, 3pm…  This will be adjusted as we go along.  For now, there will be NO scheduled pick up days.  We will have to go with the flow of painters like we do in the wintertime.  If you are only here for a week or 2, you will most likely need to set up to ship.  That is extra &  it is not expensive.  I hope this will only be temporary.  Those who live here year round or for the entire summer must pick up their pottery once notified that their pottery is ready.  *Friends or family may NOT pick up for you. Only 1 of the actual painters may pick up to be more efficient.  (*Within 5 days from being notified. More information will be given during your visit.)

Painting sessions…
For now, it will be first come, first serve.
For large families, think about splitting up into age groups.  Everyone in your group must paint. (*As always) Your group will not be seated unless everyone is present. Tables seat 4 painters only, so make sure you tell me how many in your group before entry. No non-painters may enter paint studio room. If you have a group of 6 or 8 you might be split up for physical distancing or told to wait for next seating time.  Only a couple tables will be seated per painting session.  There might be days, I will add more seating times after 3pm.  We will see how this goes for now.  Parents you may not drop your children off.  You must be present for all setups & painting sessions, including teens.  There are exceptions.  We will decide,  if your older kids are allowed to stay without you. We go with the flow.

You must follow all instructions whether verbal or written or ASL.

As always, I clean inbetween each paint seesion.  This year, you will be asked to do a few new things to make it go faster.

The painting studio tables have be placed with physical distance.  There are clear “Ah-Choo” guards inbetween the tables & at the counters. Do not touch them.  Instruct your children not to touch them either. There are less seats available at a time.  (*Following the limited capacity guidelines.) You are to remain seated during your painting session. Follow my simple instructions.

   Due the decrease of capacity, there will be a time limit of 1 hour & 30 minutes per paint session.

*Do not disrupt paint sessions or demos.
* Do not step outside for a phone call, drink/food, or smoke (ew!) Non-smoking area always!
*Do not tell your friend or family to pop by to say hi during your painting session.  Sorry, but tell your family or friends you will see them after your painting session is finished.  (*LIMITED Entry Capacity) 
*Make sure you understand & explain to your children of all ages, they must make their decisions quickly during set up time. I do not like to put pressure on you, but you know we will make the most of it. We have never been about perfection.  This is about making silly memories. 

Did I mention I am taking all the painting “tools” AWAY temporarily??? WHAT!!???!!!

Yes! We will start this season with finger painting!!!  Be prepare to get silly & have some fun! And wash your hands!!! ο˜‰
Paint with an open mind & an open heart!!!
πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’š Cheap TherapyπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œ

Many of you “kid at heart” painters have tried it in the past & couldn’t believe how fun & pretty your pots turned out!

Cannot wait to see you!!!

Stay tuned for more updates…
Things will change as we adapt to our situation….

My voice volume will be LOUDER.  I am struggling to find the correct volume while wearing a mask for you.  I am winging it. Not being rude. Just LOUDER, as always.  ο˜‰

Please give me patience.
Hope to open soon…

love & giggles…❀😊

Amanda πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸΊπŸŽ¨πŸΊπŸ’šπŸ’œ
(Aka…The Paint a Pot Lady)

Paint Your Own Pottery Studio

COVID-19 UPDATE when it rains it pours…

Hello my lovely painters,

In January, my shop was severely damaged.Β  Repairs have been delayed due to the COVID-19 situation.Β  On March 21st, all Non-essential businesses, like mine, must close until further notice.

The unfired painted pots from the past month are safe with me. They will be fired, once everything has been repaired.

I am frustrated & doing my best to stay positive & focused to get everything repaired.Β  Reading up on the new guidelines for businesses.

Thank you for your patience at this time. Sorry. This is completely out of my control. Once they allow us to reopen, I will be following the guidelines from the government.Β Β 

My hope is to reopen for this summer season 2020.
But…We all have to be patient & stay home.
Wash your Hands! Stay Healthy!

Hope you all are well. Miss you!

Amanda aka “The Paint a Pot Lady”

Paint Your Own Pottery Studio


Hello my lovely painters,

This past week my shop was severely damaged.

My shop will be closed until further notice. The unfired painted pots from the past month are safe with me. They will be fired, once everything has been repaired.

I feel like I am reliving Sandy all over. The damage is bad. I am frustrated & doing my best to stay positive & focused to get everything repaired.

Thank you for your patience at this time. Sorry. This is completely out of my control.

My hope is to reopen for this summer season 2020.

Here’s to hoping all can be fixed.

Hope you all are well.

Amanda aka

“The Paint a Pot Lady”

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Twenty Years

On May 15th, 1999, I opened my shop for the first time.
I put out my flags & took a big breath. I said to myself.
Twenty years, I will get this right.

Twenty years, watching you play in my shop. Twenty years, covered in paint from silly, squishy finger painting sessions. Twenty years of happy painted high fives! I have seen couples on a date, then a few years later they paint an engagement plate, then a wedding piece, then they bring in their 1st child, then their 2nd, 3rd, & 4th. Twenty years of painting little piggie toes. Twenty years, the teens who hung out are now bringing in their kids. Twenty years, the parents are now bringing in their grandchildren. Twenty years, let’s not forget about the pet paws too!

Twenty years, nor’easters & hurricanes threatened. One of them got us good. Boooo….BUT! Since then, the repairs began & repairs still continue & still pushing on.

Twenty years has always been my goal. My goal is here. My shop & I might never be perfect, but nothing ever will. My shop might not be right for everyone, but all I do know it has every part of my HEART in it. Endless hours of working, glazing, & firing all your many beautiful pots. Seeing the excitement of your faces when you come pick them up is worth every endless workday. The cute emails sent from you, after your pots arrived in the mail, make me smile oh so much! I cannot count how many cute little hugs & waves I’ve received from you & your families over the last twenty years.

Ever notice the large painting in the front window?Β Β It is titled “Silent Voice”. I had it printed on to the canvas bags last year. Thank you for all of you, who purchased one. I would like to share the meaning of it. Most people, I’m sure, think its meaning is about being Deaf & sign language, but it is not.

DSCN3634 (3)
“Silent Voice” Acrylics on Canvas By Amanda Klinger

Silent Voice is inside of you. Life throws many obstacles at you, which can feel endless. People & situations will push you down. They will knock you off course. You will fail many times. No one can succeed without failing a million times. Everyone has a Silent Voice inside of them. That Silent Voice is the one that yells at you to get back up! That Silent Voice is there, when you want to quit. That Silent Voice is the one that yells at you No! You will not quit! You can do it! Keep trying! That Silent Voice is the one you must listen to the most! The Silent Voice is in everyone. Just listen. Let that Silent Voice be Loud!

When you come by this year, you will see new things around the shop. Mid-June, you will see my new fine art ceramic pieces & canvas paintings inside the shop. You will notice my small motivational poems in note cards with my photography. You will see my silly humor & art on new wine stoppers & a new series of ornaments.

Twenty years go by so fast. Stop looking at your phones, come paint & be with your people. Look around you. Positive voices are everywhere. Look up &Β Listen!Β 

Twenty years!!!
Happy 20th Birthday, Paint a Pot!!!

Thank you for ALL your continued support!
I could not do this without you!

Let Season 21 begin!!!!

Stop sitting on my pottery wheel …while it’sΒ 
Oy…..Mazookee….I just cleaned….
Gotta go!!! πŸ˜‰
See you soon!!!❀