How it works

(*Some things are temporarily changed until further notice.)

Our prices are all inclusive. 
The price of the piece you pick includes 
for 1 person to “paint a pot”:  The time, the use of paint, the glazing, the firing & our sparkling personalities!  

Everyone can finger paint at their own level!
Cheap therapy for kids & adults!

Prices range from $20 & up. (*plus tax)

The number of pots must match the number of people in your group.
*We are an ACTIVITY shop.  
Everyone in your group is considered a painter.
Any age, level, or ability can play here!

*We can only accept painters.  Please read our FAQs page.

#1 Pot: Choose From our large variety of ceramic pieces. Everything from plates, mugs, figurines, jewelry boxes,wine goblets to aliens!

#2 Colors: NO ARTISTIC TALENT NEEDED! Choose From over 100 colors, watch an amusing demo from “PAPPY” staff member & then start creating your masterpiece.

#3 Paint:  Let your inner child out! We encourage parents to let the kids express themselves no matter what age they are. We love when the parents paint their own pots! Everyone has fun! You’re never too old to finger paint!

#4 Glaze & Fire: Once you finish, we clear glaze your piece, place it in our kiln to fire it! It brings the colors to life! “GETTING FIRED NEVER FELT SO GOOD!”

#5 WOW! :  Come pick up your beautiful painted pot or we can ship it to you.  (*Shipping is extra.) Then Go Show Off Your Artwork To Your Family & Friends! Better yet, make one for them! We Have Great Gift Ideas!