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My Beautiful Mess Collection

“Cheap Therapy”… I have always encourage my customers to finger painting their pots for cheap therapy, especially the adults. Finger painting has kept my sanity over these past 21 years. (…at least most of it) Those customers who went for it & finger painted, as I recommended, were the those who truely experienced the painting zen feeling. Some were quite tense upon entry & left smiling & giggling like kids. Then their reaction seeing their pottery after the firing & all the colors dancing around their pot. Some have created a collection over the years. I, personally, have a collection of my own I use at home. Since January 2020, my world just got very messy, frustrating & stressed, then March the COVID19 shutdown began. We are all living in a world that is throwing us curve ball after curve ball. (Is 2020 over yet?) Canceling everything that we count on to help us relax & have fun. My shop included.
Having my painting studio room empty day after day is safe, but no fun. No silliness of painters. No cleaning up little handprints everywhere throughout the shop. No painted sloppy high fives! No making you giggle when I “accidentally” paint my nose. So… I started to fingerpaint a bunch of mugs. My mom has always liked my “beautiful messy mugs” that I finger paint. She said I should make them to sell. I am listening to my mom. If you are missing my shop & want a 2020 mug finger painted by me check these out!!! No two are exactly the same. Each will remind you to play! To get messy! To breathe in the morning with your coffee or tea. Or add a little rum in the evening for the island pause. If you need a new bowl for your ice cream or a plate for your pie I have those too. Need chip & dip for your movie nights?

I paint the pot for you! Ask about My Beautiful Mess Collection. A Messy Life can be Beautiful! I have been painting my heart out!

Stop by my shop Art Gallery Room. Or send an Email to me : to order some. No two are alike! Choose by the color style name. Choose the style mug or wine glass or bowl or plate… 🎨🏺😊