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To my lovely painters…

Hi My Lovely Painters,

Every year I paint a new plate for the shop wall.

A moment to reflect…

It was 19 years ago, I opened my shop & discovered I was going deaf. People said how are you going to do this & be deaf. Everyday I feel I have to prove that I can do it. Every day I have to push myself. Every day I hope for smiles & patience when that door opens. Every day is different. Over the years, I have learned I cannot please everyone. I struggle with this lesson. I know some will not “get it”. It is wonderful when I have lovely painters like YOU, who let me teach & guide & make you laugh at my silliness.

I give 110% to my work & put 110% of my heart into it. I truely enjoy what I do.

All I want to is make people laugh & teach them about art & be silly. This past year, I took a step back to think about the next path of my shop & my artwork. I knew I had to shortened my hours for my health & happiness. I knew I wanted to be at the tables helping you. I wanted to display & sell my artwork & create a gift shop area. So I got back to the basics. I brought back old ways & introduced a couple new ways. I want to thank all my painters who have stuck with me over the 19 years. It has been nice to meet new painters, who have told me they found a New LBI tradition for their yearly vacations. All your emails & photos make me smile.

I have always said 20 years I will get this right. I got more one year to go! Stay steady & focused like the turtle. Always put your heart into everything you do & don’t give up! You will fall, just remember to get back up!!!

Hope you like my new plate🐒🎨❀🎨🐒
And yes we are open on Labor Day & throughout the year!

~Amanda 😊🎨🀟🎨😊